In Cankar’s year of 2018, when Slovenes celebrate the 100th anniversary of death of Slovenia’s greatest and also first professional writer Ivan Cankar, we created the exhibition White Chrysanthemum, Dialogue of Beauty, Dialogue of Silver and Ceramics.

We were drinking a lot of coffee and tea in the last months of 2018 contemplating Cankar’s essay White Chrysanthemum. The essay is astonishing because of its sincerity and truth, and above all because of its topicality. Our gatherings resulted in the ambient installation in the Gallery of Cankarjev dom in Vrhnika. 

VDC Tončka Hočevar studio created a space bounded by the flowering ceramic chrysanthemums. There is a table with two chairs in this garden. On the table there are two cups with a white silver chrysanthemum in the middle. We are witnessing a dialogue, a meditation on art and culture. Cankar is present with his opus and selected quotations.