The Aborigines believe in the purifying effect of eucalyptus and its power to dispel the negative energy. To them the eucalyptus tree represents the division between the Earth and heaven, between here and now and the great beyond.
This dual nature of being is what our (western) culture is trying to find in wine. And its insight has never been needed more, than right now.

It is therefore only fitting, for the brooch to bring the two together.
Set in 3D printed polyamide nylon, the brooch features the eucalyptus seedpods as wine glasses. Continuing the ambiguous nature of eucalyptus, I have used a combination of red, silver and gold to give some glasses the impression of being full and some of being empty. What is the truth? And what is real? There is never just one answer, so the brooch offers two: On one side In vino veritas and on the other In aqua sanitas.
You get to choose.

A legend has it, that you can find gold and silver on the leaves of eucalyptus. The truth is, the tree does extract precious metals from the soil, and then releases them through the leaves and the seedpods. In this interpretation of the legend, the eucalyptus crown continues the story with the pods drinking from their silver base. Those who have tasted their offerings understand the real beauty of the crown is in the individual imperfection of its “jewels”.

The Crown and the brooch were created for Gioielli in Fermento exhibitions, Contemporary Studio Jewellery dedicated to wine culture.
The Crown received Special Mention from Jury in 2019.

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