The Crown Tiara, 2019
silver 925/000, eucalyptus seedpods, textile, silk thread

A legend has it, that you can find gold and silver on the leaves of eucalyptus. The truth is, the tree does extract precious metals from the soil, and then releases them through the leaves and the seedpods. In this interpretation of the legend, the eucalyptus crown continues the story with the pods drinking from their silver base. And like goblets (chalices) they offer their precious content to the initiated (chosen few). Those who have tasted their offerings understand the real beauty of the crown is in the individual imperfection of its “jewels”.

Amor omnia vincit / Love conquers all, 2018
brooch, silver 925/000, oxidised, 3D printed polyamide nylon

“Love conquers all” brooch is a small monument to timelessness of all human heartache, in any shape and form.
To tackle the theme of timelessness a combination of traditional techniques and contemporary 3D print were used.
The completed sculpture is a bridge between metaphorical and literal.
The latin saying “Amor omnia vincit” is an evidence of human wisdom. The coexistence of a cat and a dog is a playful and humoristic way to tell the story of life, of love.

Bouquet Brooch, 2018
silver 925/000, tektite
Slovenian Museum of Natural History

Animal Farm Collection, 2018
silver 925/000, oxidised, 3D printed polyamide nylon
Pokrajinski muzej Ptuj Ormož, Castel of Ptuj

The Walls, 2017 – 2018
brisk, acrylic, silver 925/000, oxidised
Kunstwirtschaft Gallery Graz; Design without borders Exhibition in Budapest; Galeria x Bratislava

Nature in the Heart of the City, 2018 – 2019
Ljubljana Town Hall

Under the Skin of the Forest, 2017
silver 925/000, glastube
BIO25, 25th Biennial of Design, Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana

Let’s fly Brooch, 2016
silver 999 and 925/000, copper, jaspers

Decoration of Faithful Love, 2016
brooch, silver 925/000, gold 750/000, copper, mirror, pearl, silk ribbon

Le pelle della mia vita, 2015
brooch, copper, textile, silk thread

The brooch magnifies my relationship with the world that transpires on the surface of the skin.
The skin is a boundary between hidden intimacy and bareness.
The surface is hard as armor and bears evidence of hardships.
The pores reflect the soft essence, which receives and communicates.
The skin breathes life and the life waves in her veins and through it.
And everything is as it should be, a rounded entity.
And when my skin touches yours, we create plurality.

Fashion System, 2014
waste perforated cooper sheet metal, Slovenian wool
BIO50, 24th Biennial of Design, Museum for Architecture and Design, Ljubljana

Parrotfish Collection, 2015
brooches; Slovenian Museum of Natural History

Hug me and let’s fly, 2013
necklace, silver 925/000, titanium

Feeling free in Titanium, 2012