Going Places

It is a wonderful collaboration with the most inspiring designer Tanja Pađan and photographer Tomaž Šantl.

Going Places is her spring/summer 2017 collection of new age romanticism unisex sportswear for Time travel inspired by The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy’s ruby slippers : “They take you places”.

The Going Places collection is everything you need in order to feel comfortable moving through the universe.

The story is told by Tomaž Šantl’s photos.

Clothes: Kiss The Future; a clothing brand founded by Tanja Pađan / www.kiss-the-future.com / instagram: @kiss.the.future

Photography: Tomaž Šantl / www.tomazsantl.com / www.facebook.com/TomažŠantl

Models: Maja Čadež, Robert Kos, Nejc Franetič Deso, Tatiana Kocmur, Zoran Mičanović, Jure Perčič, Gregor Skok, Timi Kovačič


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