In memoriam: Žarko Ognjenović (1949 – 2020)

Dear friend,
so many times you said to me: inhale, exhale and smile, inhale, exhale and smile…
I’m trying to breathe.
It’s hard. I’m feeling emptiness but also a deep gratitude for knowing you and having you as a friend.
Last year when you turned 70 we worked really close preparing an exhibition of your work.
It was your first solo exhibition even though you took part in so many jewellery events.
Knowing that creativity was very important path of your life, I was so happy you decided to celebrate with us in this way.
Collecting all of your documents I randomly opened your book of poems where it is written:
Vse, kar je
treba vedeti,
vse kar je treba napisati,
vse kar je treba udejanjiti,
vse, kar je treba,
je živeti,
je tam notri
in ta notri
je v nas.
We made beautiful memories.
Sorry, I’m quite speechless.
I already miss you. I’ll miss your calls every week, our coffee time together solving technical problems, saving the world and having a great laugh.
I promise I’ll be brave and playful,



The pictures I’m sharing were taken for the exhibition catalogue Žarko Ognjenović, Celi človek.

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