Even in ancient times, early people believed that mistletoe contained a special power. In Winter, when the mighty oak is naked, there grows a special, golden branch. This branch, of mistletoe, symbolises a magical power; hope in the beginning of spring and new life. It is a symbol of eternity and the power of life.

Hanging over the front door it is supposed to ward off evil spirits.

Mistletoe is also important in folk medicine. Many peoples honoured it as a healer of all ailment and gathered it with a golden sickle, just as the druid in Asterix and Obelix.

Also, a kiss under the mistletoe is a tradition associated with ancient Greek celebrations and the first wedding ceremonies. Such a kiss can portend deep love or lasting friendship.

Mistletoe formed the inspiration for a stop-motion animation made together with animation artist Tina Zadnik. Our animation was accepted for the “Videofestival narave” festival in the Bezigrad art gallery.

Welcome to visit online exhibition Videofestival Narave 17

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