Nature and the Castle Hill

Our warm invitation to visit an exhibition of art jewellery, Ljubljana Castle, Pentagonal Tower, with Nataša Grandovec.
The exhibition is open until January 9, 2022.
As a part of contemporary art, art jewellery above all gives meaning to the concept of the artist, who pours his or her thoughts into personal narrative. With their works, Martina and Nataša present a subtle exploration of various layers of the coexistence of man and nature on the Castle Jill, which is proudly adorned by Ljubljana Castle.
For Nataša, experiencing the paths to the castle, watching birds in the gravel in front of the castle in the branches of trees and bushes, observing bees gathering medicine, the grape vines and nights on the hill are inexhaustible source of inspiration, which she transforms into a wearable art form.
Martina has been exploring the meaning of the human palm as a symbol of friendship and balance for a long time. The palm that gives and receives, touches a person, a fellow human being, touches nature – like an eternal trace left behind by touch. This is partly why birds fly out of metal palms and daisies grow from them. In this way, we recognise the meaning and beauty of touch, which is formed by the coexistence of man and nature.
Curator of the exhibition: dr. Petra Bole, Director of the Radovljica Municipality Museums
Video and photos: Freedomelements

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